Wow! Your Cervix Looks A LOT Like a Penis!

Wow! Your Cervix Looks A LOT Like a Penis!
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Ever wonder what your cervix looks like? Well turns out it's not so different than it's male counterpart. Read below and find out why millions of women are sharing pictures of their hoohaws.

Ladies everywhere are joining in on the social movement known as The Beautiful Cervix Project and embracing the delicacy of the female reproductive system by sharing cervical selfies online. Yes, you heard that right!

It all started after postpartum doula O'Nell Starkey had to track her daily cervical position for a midwifery school assignment. "I decided to use a speculum and look at my cervix every day in addition to feeling it with my finger and observing the changes in the fluid it produced," she explained to SELF. "I had my partner take a photo of my cervix every day for a cycle so I could see the changes it was going through." When she posted the photos online she was surprised by the outpour of reactions she received and thus the movement began.

(Disclaimer: photos below are graphic -- proceed with caution.)

The Beautiful Cervix Project
Beautiful Cervix Project

Starkey asserts, "Women who are inspired to learn more about themselves volunteer to contribute to the project and take the photos themselves (or have a partner or friend of doctor take the photos) in the comfort of their own homes."

Getting a little curious? Sure you are. The process of photographing one's  cervix is actually a lot less invasive than you might imagine. Starkey encourages women who want to become more aware of their bodies reproductive system to join in on the movement. 

Starkey explains that all you really need is a speculum (that thing your OBGYN inserts inside of you during exams), a flashlight, a hand mirror and a camera. (You can also buy a self-exam kit here.)

Make sure you are in a semi-reclined position on your back with your knees open and heels together. The cervix, which is typically located 3-6 inches inside, will feel like a little nub inside your vagina. Insert the speculum into the vagina while pressing the handles together to open the mouth of the speculum. Use the flashlight to shed some light while holding the mirror between your legs. 

The cervix should look like a little wet pink doughnut (pending what time of the month it is ) and if you cannot see it right away, need not to worry. You may just need to angle the speculum differently. If you're like Starkey and are more of a visual learner, check out the video below (don't worry they don't use a real cervix).

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