Is The 3rd Sex and the City Movie In The Works?

Is The 3rd Sex and the City Movie In The Works?

Are you ready for just one more cupcake from Magnolia's, or Manolo Blahnik shoe sale at Barney's? If it's not just us, and you're sorely missing the likes of creative Carrie, sultry Samantha, innocent Charlotte, and sassy Miranda, a glimmer of hope has emerged for you. No, Sex and The City the TV series isn't coming back, but the next best thing, another movie, very well may be.

How do we know? Sex and The City's Carrie, known irl as Sarah Jessica Parker, spoke with CBS broadcaster Jane Pauley mentioning that perhaps it won't happen soon, but that it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. 

"I will say that the idea, it rests in the butler's pantry," she said. "It's not on the table, but somebody is holding it fairly nearby."

This is definitely news, considering just this past May, Sarah Jessica Parker went on the record as saying there were "no plans" for a third installment film. A stern "no plans" assertion is a statement to shut-down follow-up, shut-down hope. "Fairly nearby" is music to our ears, alluding to a set of plans to come that we'll just have to sit back and patiently (and giddily) wait for.Pauley pried, and we're so glad that he did, "One can't help but picture a Golden Girls kind of version of Sex and the City," he inquired after the leading statement from Parker. "Now you're looking back on your lives. If you're inclined to be looking back on your lives at all, or are you still looking forward?"

Sarah Jessica Parker entertained the idea of looking back fondly at the cast's 20 and 30-something, and for some *cough, Samantha* 40-something shenanigans, and quickly countered that there would still be life to live, share and be entertained by. "I would have sort of imagined that those women have only interest in looking ahead, while being informed by the past. And in a way, maybe that would be the best for all of us — living people, nonfictional as well!"

And there you have it, certifiable hope that the woman-squad that ruled NYC in the early '90s isn't finished yet, and perhaps, neither are you!

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