Lena Dunham & Jemima Kirke's Body-Positive Lingerie Campaign is Empowering AF

Lena Dunham & Jemima Kirke's Body-Positive Lingerie Campaign is Empowering AF
Lonely Girls

Picture an underwear model. You have it in your head? You're thinking Victoria's Secret Angel, right? Impossibly long-legged, ridiculously pretty, probably with a team of make-up artists and graphic designers to Photoshop out any flaws of being human.

Well, New Zealand luxury label Lonely Lingerie is striking a blow for real women and real bodies everywhere with their #LonleyGirlsProject. And who better to show what real girls look like than some real Girls - Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke.

In a new photo shoot, the two Girls stars are just hanging out, kicking it in normal bathrooms and bedrooms in their underwear. Surprise: real people look like real people all the time, especially in their bathrooms!

These photos are part of Lonely's Luxury series celebrating the diversity of young, creative women from all over the world. Dunham and Kirke represent the entire audience for the brand, women “who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.”

The best boon for womanhood: the entire shoot was coordinated by women. Headed by Kiwi creative Zara Mirkin, the photographs look super chill and fun, simply shot in a New York City apartment.

"The shoot was super casual, we shot over an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon, Mirkin told Mashable Australia, "just myself, Lena and Jemima at one of their friend's apartments in Bed Stuy."

And as an added bonus, the campaign is fighting to #freethenipple. As of this article's publication, Instagram has not taken down the above image from @LonelyLingerie. As everyone knows, merely seeing a woman's nipple on film can result in shock, hot sweats, fever, and, eventually, death. So they're taking a real gamble by letting Kirke show that part of her body.

Great work, Girls!

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