Absolutely Crazy! Ashton Kutcher Stumbled Upon His Ex-GF's Murder Scene 15 Years Ago, And Didn't Even Know It

Absolutely Crazy! Ashton Kutcher Stumbled Upon His Ex-GF's Murder Scene 15 Years Ago, And Didn't Even Know It

The year is 2001, and Ashton Kutcher is a 23-year-old rising star casually dating 22-year-old student, model, stripper and aspiring actress Ashley Ellerin. This is long before his marriage to Demi Moore, and his current courtship with Mila Kunis, but what brings it to light is the fact that he will soon be testifying in court regarding her murder.

Apparently Ashley "had tons of boyfriends," according to an LAPD officer, and on this particular night, Ashley had set-up a date with the That '70s Show star to watch the Grammys. She asked him to come over earlier, he declined, and she instead spent time with her father, and reportedly called her landlord Mike Durbin, to help her with a broken light fixture, and they had sex. Durbin described their relationship as "blossoming." 

According to a Daily Mail report, here's what happened later that evening on February 21, 2001:

"Kutcher drove to her apartment at 10:45 p.m. in the hope of smoothing over what he thought was a looming argument, and found that the lights were on in her apartment and her car was parked outside. After knocking on the door and calling out to her with no answer, Kutcher said he looked through a window into the apartment and saw what he thought was red wine pooled on the floor. Kutcher…thought she was angry at him for not making the earlier date and left."

But it wasn't wine. It was blood. The blood of the woman he had intended to smooth things over with, and perhaps date for a while longer, who was now dead. 

Ashley had apparently been primping, and she was found with a curling iron by her side, in a demeaning pose, naked and with over 47 stab wounds

The perpetrator? Michael Gargiulo, an air conditioning repairman, who was discovered only because one of his would-be victims, Michelle Murphy, was able to escape and present DNA evidence in 2008. He was suspected of various other murders before, of at least 3 other women, but this case presented the most compelling evidence, and he was eventually taken into custody, and awaits trial in the coming months, and Ashton will testify.

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