Want A More Intense Orgasm? Eat These 10 Foods!


The only thing better than an orgasm is multiple orgasms. The only thing better than that? A super intense orgasm. And guess what? Your diet plays a huge role in you having intense orgasms!

It doesn’t happen immediately, so give the following foods a few weeks to work their magic. But if you do, the kitchen may end up becoming you favorite room in the house. All because of what it brings to your bedroom!

Olive Oil

Cook with olive oil. Watch how it makes you feel!

Olive oil is the kind of oil that helps to increase blood circulation in you and yours. The longer the erections, the more intense the orgasms! (You can also use it as a natural lubricant, too!)

Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits are high in antioxidants, fiber and flavonoids. All of these things work together to give you a strong immune system. The next time you cut into an orange or grapefruit, you’ll also be doing your sex life a big favor. Citrus fruits help to keep your heart strong and they decrease stress. 

Know what else? The scent is stimulating to both men and women (try a little orange essential oil) and rumor has it that if you both eat it regularly, your “natural juices” will taste much better. 



The Vitamin E in avocados helps your body to produce hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. When these are up, your sex drive spikes and that leads to more intense orgasms.

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