The Weirdest Ways People Try to Lose Weight

The Weirdest Ways People Try to Lose Weight

There’s no easy way to lose weight. Sorry! We’ve all tried some completely crazy diet at one point or another that left us tired, cranky, hungrier, angrier, and who knows what else. Maybe we even had some success here and there. And maybe that's the craziest thing. Some of those weird ideas actually work! For the most part. Well, that's what we have got for you here: some silly, some serious, all unexpected. 

And don't worry, none of them are crazy or harmful. They're just a teensy bit odd.

Pay with Cash

If you're not swiping a card, you'll literally be seeing where your money is going. You might just opt for a cheaper, healthier meal when the spending is physical. 

Warm Water

Ya gotta drink it though. The skinny on warm water is that it might just make you feel fuller if you drink a glass of warm water before a meal.

Wine About It

A glass of wine has all sorts of good stuff in it. And some studies have shown that wine drinkers gain less weight and in some cases burned calories more effectively.

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