The 6 Foods That Are Definitely Ruining Your Sex Life

The 6 Foods That Are Definitely Ruining Your Sex Life
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Did you ever, in a million years, think that what you eat could determine if you end up having great sex or not? Here’s the breakdown. Your sex drive is dependent upon the levels of estrogen and testosterone in your system. Based on your diet, your hormone levels can either be super intense or sluggish and lazy. And yes, certain foods play a role in either outcome.

What should you pick up at the grocery store to improve your sex life? Asparagus and avocado contain Vitamin E which helps your body to produce both hormones. Bananas contain potassium which helps your muscles to contract (that means more intense orgasms). Chocolate is a stimulant that actually mimics orgasmic euphoria.

Then there are the foods that will make your sex life suck if you’re not careful. Be prepared. Some of these are probably on your list to eat for lunch or dinner. But before you do, check out how it affects your body, your hormones and your drive. It might make you think twice.

Bottled Water

Water? Good. Bottled water? Not so good. Not only is it more expensive than tap and the bottles are not sustainable, but there are chemicals in a lot of the bottles—like BPA which is also known as Bisphenol A—that’s bad for your health. 

Sex-wise? Researchers are still looking into it but in some studies BPA has been proven to produce close to 30 percent less viable eggs. Plus, a lot of bottled water does not have the same regulations as tap. All good enough reasons to put a filter on your faucets and call it a day.

Canned Soup

Overall, soup is a low-calorie meal that contains its fair amount of nutrients. The reason why canned soup can make your sex life suck is because of the preservatives that are in them, starting with an over-the-charts amount of sodium! 

Lots of salt can lead to high blood pressure which can prevent blood flow to the genitals. And when this happens, especially to a man? Let’s just say that erections are not what they used to be.


Shrimp contains its fair share of sodium. Its bigger culprit, however, is the amount of pesticides that are found in it. One in particular is 4-hexyl resorcinol. It’s what helps shrimp to have the coloring that it does. It’s also a bona fide endocrine disruptor; it will have your hormones going all over the place. (His too.)

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