Champagne Is Good For Your Health, According To Science!

Have a glass of champagne with friends. It's good for you!
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Typically, when we think about having a glass of champagne, it’s to celebrate something. But the next time you decide to pour yourself a glass of sparkling wine (that usually ain’t cheap), pat yourself on the back. Not only is champagne great for toasting. Turns out it also has a ton of health benefits too.

Sound too good to be true? We have 10 solid reasons why enjoy this bubbly drink so be a guilt-free experience, each and every time that you do it.

It Improves Your Memory

Champagne can improve your memory.

In a nutshell, champagne is sparkling wine that’s made from grapes. Grapes contain plenty of antioxidants which is one of the reasons why champagne can help to keep your brain sharp and improve your memory. The specific one is phenolic acid; it’s directly linked to how your brain functions as it relates to retaining information.

It’s Good For Your Heart

Champagne is good for your heart.

The reason why champagne is good for your heart is that it helps to relax your body; including your blood vessels. Also, champagne helps to trigger nitric oxide production which can increase blood flow and even lower your blood pressure.

It’s Great For Your Waistline

Champagne is great for your waistline.

They say that alcohol can actually cause you to gain weight. It all depends on the kind you drink and how many glasses (or cans) of it that you have. 

As far as champagne goes, it actually contains less calories than most glasses of wine; usually between 90-100 calories per glass. That makes it easy on your waistline. Always good to know.

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