Nipple Problems: How to Get Your Breasts Adjusted to Breastfeeding

Nipple Problems: How to Get Your Breasts Adjusted to Breastfeeding

Ask any mother who has breastfed before and we’ll bet good money that they’ll say two things. The first is they don’t regret doing it because it’s so good for their baby’s health and well-being. Second, there were times when they wanted to run to the nearest store to pick up a bottle because, to say their nipples went through the ringer, is a MAJOR understatement!

It’s not uncommon for nipples to end up cracked, sore and sometimes even bleeding (ugh!). But that doesn’t mean it’s the kind of pain that’s unavoidable. Through trial and error, there are some things women have learned that make breastfeeding a lot easier on the body. And the best thing is the remedies are as cheap as they are effective.

Use Your Own Milk

The amount of vitamins and minerals that are in breast milk truly blows the mind! That’s probably why some women find relief in gently squeezing their nipples, just enough for some milk to coat them and then allowing the milk to air dry. It’s been known to help to soothe cracked or blistered nipples. If they’re slightly bleeding, you might want to put an ice pack on them as well.

Apply Some Olive Oil

As far as moisturizers go, a lot of people use lanolin. We don’t recommend it because it’s a by-product of sebum that comes from sheep’s wool. That means it could have pesticides in it and even cause allergic reactions in your baby if you put it on your nipples. A better alternative? Olive oil. It still adds moisture without any of the drama.

Or Tea Bags

Are you sore? Guess what’s proven to pull the soreness out? Tea bags! Herbal ones like chamomile feel really good, but a kind of tea that has bona fide results is black tea. The tannic acid in them is what does the trick. Either way, steep a couple of tea bags, let them cool until they are comfortable enough to place on your nipples and let them sit for 5-10 minutes.

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