Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton's Photos From Their 2006 Ibiza Trip Are A Wild Trip Down Memory Lane

paris hilton and kim kardashian in ibiza in 2006
@ParisHilton on Twitter

Let's get one thing straight: Anyone who thinks Kim Kardashian got famous because of her sex tape with Ray J is only partially right. Ms. Kimberly Noel Kardashian was already inching toward stardom because of the way she made her living in the early- to mid-2000s: being an ICONIC celebritiy closet organizer.

According to a 2006 Player Magazine article, Kim used to design and clean closets for the likes of Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, and Nicole Richie, thus earning her the nickname "Queen of the Closet Scene."

As it turns out, one of Kim's biggest clients at the time was socialite and Simple Life star Paris Hilton. While working for Paris as a closet organizer (and later as her personal assistant), Kim was learning the ins and outs of Being Famous For No Reason In Particular™ and was able to put those lessons to good use once the aforementioned sex tape made her a household name in 2007.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kim and Paris' BFF-ship cooled off soon after Kim's fame started overshadowing that of her former boss. (It probably didn't help that Paris described Kim's butt as "cottage cheese inside a big trash bag" in a 2008 Las Vegas radio interview.)

BUT — and it's a big, cottage-cheesy but — Kim and Paris' maybe-feud may finally be over all because of an exchange the two had earlier this summer.

In the afternoon of July 16, Paris tweeted out the following message, seemingly unprompted:

"Good Times in Ibiza with @KimKardashian & @CarolineDamore #GirlsTrip2006," Paris wrote, attaching a picture of her and Kim after a night swim:

@ParisHilton on Twitter

A group shot from a party:

@ParisHilton on Twitter

A picture of Kim wearing a Louis Vuitton bikini on a yacht:

@ParisHilton on Twitter

And a photo of their very casual ice cream outing:

@ParisHilton on Twitter

Kim appeared receptive to her frenemy's virtual olive branch, responding enthusiastically: "Best trip!!!"

Note the THREE (3) exclamation points.

Whether Kim and Paris have *officially* squashed their beef or not, one thing's for sure: These pictures make 2006 seem like a LIFETIME ago.

If you're ready for another hearty dose of nostalgia, scroll through our gallery for more #throwback shots from the early days of Paris and Kim's friendship.

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