Just Had a Baby? How to Still Look & Feel Sexy

Just Had a Baby? How to Still Look & Feel Sexy
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The weeks following birthing a child can have you on a real roller coaster ride. Not the fun kind that are at amusement parks either. Your hormones are usually all over the place, so you have a hard time resting and getting your libido back on track. Your appetite is loopty-loop. And your body? Yes, you know that you birthed a miracle but between the extra tummy weight, stretch marks and bloating, you wonder if you’ll ever get back to feeling normal, let alone sexy.

You know what? You can feel sexy, even as your body is transitioning. Even better, you don’t have to compromise your comfort in order to do it. You just need to know what pieces to buy and how to wear them. Below, here are some of the best looks for a new mom. 

Off-Shoulder Dress

Who doesn’t want to show off a little skin? If you’re not comfortable revealing much from the waist down, a beautiful (and fashionable) compromise is an off-shoulder dress, jumpsuit or maybe even a romper. It’s the kind of style that draws attention to the upper part of your body and, as you can see, with the right cut, print and fabric, it can hide tummy bulges!

Cocoon Dress

This flattering style hides your bumps and bulges but still creates a flattering hourglass silhouette. One that leaves enough room for your curves.

Maxi Skirt

You and your hubby heading out for your first date since the baby was born? If you’re not ready to wear the little black number that he likes so much, opt for a maxi skirt along with a flattering top. This will elongate and slim your entire body and cover your legs up if that's what you're trying to do!

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