If Your Significant Other Works In These 7 Fields, Eject Now!

If Your Significant Other Works In These 7 Fields, Eject Now!

Has anyone ever cheated on you? Sucks, right? Usually, it comes out of nowhere. It doesn’t HAVE TO though! Did you know that the career your hubby has chosen can actually be a pretty good indicator of whether he's seeing someone on the side? The following jobs have the highest instances of cheating, so you should be extra careful dating anyone in these respective fields..

1. Financial Services

Those douchey bankers you see at martini bars during girls' nights out are (completely un-shocked) the worst offenders. Apparently, their desire to play the odds seeps into all aspects of their lives. You shouldn't be surprised to find out they've got some back-up ladies stashed away. 

2. Human Resources

Ironically, the people at work who keep interpersonal relationships  running smoothly by threatening to slap a metaphorical no-no sticker on your forehead are up to no good. Maybe they just need to get all of that pent-up anger out somehow.

3. Office Executive

Always thought the boss was probably getting up to no good on his free time? Yup, your instincts were right. Top dogs at the office like to have things their way, and that includes affairs, apparently. 

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