Here Are The Tattoo Trends You'll Be Falling For In 2017

Here Are The Tattoo Trends You'll Be Falling For In 2017
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It's a new year, it's time for a new tattoo!

Before you jump into another dolphin ankle tat, take a look at the trends that you will LOVE in 2017. Cosmopolitan talked to artists Bang Bang and JonBoy, two of the top tattooers in the game who have inked Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber. Obviously, they've got the inside news about the hottest trends about to hit skin, so you can have the freshest possible tattoo.

Even though these trends are hot for 2017, they're all classic enough looks that they'll look awesome today to 2077.

Inner Arm Tattoos

How have we never thought to get an inner arm tattoo? It's a rare place that is easy to hide or easy to show off, depending on how you feel that day. It's a great large area of the body to house a big tattoo. Or if you're nervous about your first tat, getting a little one here is super discreet. 

Cosmetic Tattoos

Tattooed eyebrows sound like a nightmare. But cosmetic tattoos can look shockingly subtle and you get to leave your brow pencil behind. In addition to brows, you can do tattoo eyeliner or even get freckles inked! Hey, if you're really into the "Annie" look, permanent freckles might be perfect for you.


Script has always been around, but it's getting a more artistic makeover. Instead of focusing on pure legibility, artists are going for a look that gives the words a gorgeous flowing design that you can only read when you get a closer look. This way you get your cats name or your favorite quote to look like a piece of art you'll never forget.

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