Happy 4/20! 16 Celebs We Know Are Getting High AF Today

miley cyrus joint

It’s the dankest day of the year!

April 20th – better known as 4/20 – is unofficially National Marijuana Day. Why this date in particular became the High Holiday of Pot Culture is debatable, but it’s been around for decades, and given that our government’s finally been relaxing their rules about the plant, 2017’s already proving to be one of the biggest weed parties ever.

But as chill as you're party probably will be, you know what would make it even cooler? Spending the day with one of these famous pot enthusiasts. Check out our list of the best celebs to spend 4/20 with:

Snoop Dogg

This one is obvious, but you can tell from this photo that the Doggfather is already enjoying the holiday -- just look how relaxed he is.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Snoop's P.I.C. must love the chronic as much as the D-O-Double-Gizzle!

D.L. Hughley

The comedian's not likely going to post a weed farm to social media, but you just know he'll be perfect for an afternoon chill session.

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