Fake Bigger Boobs with These Tricks

Fake Bigger Boobs with These Tricks
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There are plenty of ways to fake bigger boobs and not all of them involve surgery! You can contour, use inserts, padded bras, tape, or use one of a few other tricks to make your lady lumps look plump! Take a tip or two from these experts who have perfected some methods on how to fake bigger boobs in a matter of minutes. The next time you go out, try one of these tricks to get the va va voom effect you want!

Taping Your Bra

You've probably heard about taping your boobs in place but what about taping your bra? This video about boob hacks offers some interesting tape tricks to enhance your boob situation.

The Sock Method

This girl has some interesting tricks to make boobs look bigger that involve utilizing a pair of socks. See if it's for you!

Boob Contouring From 0 to 100

We contour our faces so why not our boobs?! Boob contouring works the same way by highlighting the breast, contouring the cleavage, and emphasizing the collar bone. Try it out!

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