Donald Trump's Easter Egg Roll Went Hilariously Wrong So The Internet Roasted His Ass

donald trump easter egg roll
@politico on Twitter

The Trump administration's first White House Easter Egg Roll went off without a hitch—well, almost.

As President Donald Trump mingled with the crowd Monday, an unidentified boy asked him to sign his scarlet "Make America Great Again" hat.

A video posted by Politico shows Trump agreeing, signing the hat, and then... inexplicably tossing the hat into the crowd as the kid yells in anguish.

According to a BBC News reporter who was also at the event, a boy "grabbed the hat afterwards and ran with it."

Another angle appears to show the kid catching the hat after Trump lobs it high in the air.

Whether Trump purposefully or accidentally threw the hat back to its rightful owner, the whole ordeal was DRIPPING with symbolism to some people on Twitter.

This is quite the analysis.

What's your take?

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