These Realistic Disney Princess Illustrations Are Even More Stunning Than The Originals

isabelle staub

Calling all Disney fans (aka everyone): if you haven't found Isabelle Staub on Instagram yet, you're going to follow her ASAP after seeing the Disney Princess illustrations she makes. 

Isabelle is currently recreating each of the Disney Princesses (plus a few other Disney women we love) into what they might look like as real live women- and they're AMAZING!

Check them out below, and make sure to follow her on Instagram here to get any updates on her latest Disney Princess creation:


Isabelle Staub

Mulan is one of the best non-princesses out there- and come on, 'Make A Man Out Of You' is for sure one of the best Disney songs of all time.


Isabelle Staub

We've always been jealous of Jasmine's crazy curves- we're guessing she'd fit in with the Kardashian clan in real life.


Isabelle Staub

Can we have Pocohontas's cheek bones? Or at least that gorgeous necklace?

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