A Complete List Of All Of Kylie Jenner's Tattoos Because We Know You're Curious

A Complete List Of All Of Kylie Jenner's Tattoos Because We Know You're Curious
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The Kardashian-Jenner family has always been an open book. Not only do we have their reality show on air, they are also constantly updating us with what's happening with their lives on apps and social media. We're updated with every makeup change, hair change, basically anything change. And every single one of those changes make it to the headlines and spark online debates.

But did you know that aside from beauty changes, the KarJen family is also a fan of getting inked? And the youngest one, Kylie, has the highest ink count so far. Her big sis Kim has always been adamant about her dislike for tattoos, telling her sisters that getting one is like “putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley". But we all know that Kylie isn't much of a rule follower anyway.

Tiny Red Heart

After decorating herself with fake Sharpie tattoo designs in the past, Kylie finally got her first ever tattoo on her 18th birthday party. It features a small red heart outline inked on the back of her upper right arm. Although she never explained the meaning of it, word on the street's it's dedicated to her beau, Tyga.

Sanity - \′sa-nƏ-tè\

After the tiny-but-dainty tattoo as a start, she got her second one shortly right after. It's a bit bigger and probably has a deeper personal meaning. She got a red piece on her right hip that says "sanity", albeit being spelled phonetically. 

"Mary Jo"

It's becoming more and more apparent that red may be Kylie's favorite hue, as she got another ink in the color. Around February 2016, the star decided to Snapchat the entire tattoo process, and she revealed that she got her grandmother's name, Mary Jo, in her grandfather's handwriting. Aww! 

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