9 Movie Moms That We Aspire To Be

9 Movie Moms That We Aspire To Be

Movie moms come in all shapes and sizes, are sometimes hilarious, and sometimes terrible. But when it's an awesome mom that somehow seems to do it all - just like Sarah Jessica Parker in I Don't Know How She Does It? rocks being a working mom that has an amazing dinner on the table for her kids - we're left in awe! While that was a fictional character, she's probably an awesome mom IRL too and deep down we wish we could be boss moms that can handle everything. Here are some of the most awesome on screen moms that we aspire to be!

Lorelai Gilmore

Technically Gilmore Girls was a T.V. show, but with a mini series revival on Netflix it's like a movie now? Really we'll create whatever reason to bump Lorelai Gilmore into the movie mom category because she was by far one of the best moms on screen. With her never ending support for her kid, and any children around her, she made the biggest sacrifices for Rory and had a one of kind relationship with her - one that all mothers and daughters aspire to!

Leigh Anne Touhy

The Blind Side was based on the true story of Michael Oher and the Touhy family and Sandra Bullock does a knock out job portraying Leigh Anne Touhy. She fiercely protected her children, all of them, biological or not, and that protective instinct is something only a good mom has.

Cookie Lyon

If we're including T.V. moms in this list it would not be complete without Cookie Lyon from Empire. Played by Taraji P. Henson, Cookie is bad ass mom who served time for her kids and the second she got out, started fighting battles for them. She is definitely one mom not to mess with!

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