7 Things You Should NEVER Do On A Tinder Date

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For all the ladies who are single as hell, Tinder is sketchy as fuck. But y'all already knew that. You have tried Bumble, The League, Hinge, and all those other dating apps, but the results are clear: everyone is garbage! 

Nevertheless, you still get dressed up and try to put your best foot forward on a Tinder date. Why not? But with that said, in order to not be one of the Tinder crazies, make sure you don't do these things:

Pretend To Like Them When You Really Don't

If you aren't feeling the date, tell the guy as soon as you think it is going south. It will save you the hassle of ghosting the hell out of him and ignoring his calls as he *69s his number.  

Not Order What You Want

I get it. Once, I ate a barbecue sandwich that went all over my face, hands, clothes, and hair on a first date. Hey, you win some. You lose some. BUT I would repeat this choice 10 times out of 10! Why? Because I wanted to eat the sandwich and I was really fucking hungry. Don't eat a salad or just an appetizer if you are starving. Just remember to pack mints.

Get Really Stoned

Low key, I accidentally did this last week. My friend had an edible that we shared hours before my date, yet I was still high as balls when I rolled up to the restaurant. A serious case of the giggles and forgetfulness did not impress the UCLA track star. 

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