4 Types Of Orgasms EVERY WOMAN Should Experience!

4 Types Of Orgasms EVERY WOMAN Should Experience!

90% of women have no idea there are four different types of orgasms. All of them are special in there on way. There is nothing you can really compare to a sexual climax—no matter what “kind” it is.

At the same time, knowledge is power and now that you’re aware that you can take things to another level so-to-speak, aren’t you at least a little bit curious about what types of orgasms you can end up experiencing? As soon as tonight?


The body never ceases to amaze us, especially when it comes to body parts like the clitoris. To this day, no health professional (or super-curious person) has been able to find any other purpose for it other than to help a woman to climax. 

Although it’s tiny in size, it packs a mighty punch so-to-speak because it houses 8,000 nerves inside under its hood. That’s why a lot of women are able to experience an orgasm so long as there’s direct clitoral stimulation, which can be hard to get just from a penis alone. Fingers or oral sex added? Now that’s another story!

Full Body

Ah, the full body orgasm. This is what can leave you in tears (tears of joy) and totally exhausted after having it. It’s also what causes some women to squirt (which oftentimes is nothing more than stored-up urine being released; we’ll have to get into all of that another time). 

How does a woman have this sort of orgasm? By relaxing and focusing more on centering her energy than anything else. You can’t be distracted. You also can’t be obsessed with having one either. 

Full body orgasms are all about building up the excitement, so you and your partner need to make the time for plenty of foreplay—maybe even a body massage or blindfold (or both) to heighten your senses too.


Out of all of the types of orgasms that come up in conversation, multiple ones are probably the most popular. They are when you can have them back to back. 

A lot of foreplay and hand stimulation plays a huge role in pulling this off. So does how you breathe. Some multiple-orgasm experts claim that after having the first one, our breathing is usually very shallow. As a result, we tense up instead of feeling more relaxed. Deep breathing helps you to concentrate, remain in the moment and have more intense orgasms—one right after the other.

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