18 Movies You Can Stream On The 'Steamy Section' Of Netflix

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Netflix is famous for having thousands of highly specialized categories for its content. The company creates these with a very advanced algorithm. 

In the euphemistic back room of this collection, Netflix has at least 61 micro-genres that constitute a "steamy section" (genres with the word "steamy" in them). 

This seems like a lot until you realize the company has over 76,000 of these micro-genres! So what are you waiting for? Check out these 18 steamy flicks:

Stranger By The Lake


If you're into hot boy-on-boy sex and also serial murder, Stranger By The Lake might be just the thing for you! 

Y Tu Mama Tambien


Alfonso Cuarón's sexy, philosophical coming of age tale, Y Tu Mama Tambien, is more complex and unsettling than it looks at a glance.

Blue Is The Warmest Color


Blue Is The Warmest Color took the Palm D'Or ("big fancy prize") at Cannes. And it made everyone who watched it hot and bothered in the process.

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