15 Amazing Tattoos That Show Your Love of Travel

15 Amazing Tattoos That Show Your Love of Travel

Wouldn’t it be the best to just be on vacation for the rest of your life, or at least most of the damn time? Well that’s the dream for those of us out there with intense cases of wanderlust. They’re the type of people who never even attempt to fill their fridges because they know they won’t be home long enough to eat a damned meal, the kind of people who live out of suitcases, the type of people who wouldn’t have it any other way because to them, traveling is not just a vacation from reality like it is for a lot of us, it’s a way of life. 

The Fearless

Traveling can be scary as hell, but that doesn’t mean you should let all the horror stories spook you from seeing beyond your norm.

Wander in Love

Not only does this showcase this person’s love of travel, but spreads the idea of love around the world in a cute and unique design.

Good Times

Other than this looking like one of those corny souvenir tees you’d get at a truck stop...we appreciate the sense of humor that comes with this. When you travel, it’s not forever and you shouldn’t be so serious about it.

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