10 Sexy Halloween Costumes NOBODY Asked For

10 Sexy Halloween Costumes NOBODY Asked For

It's that time of year again. Not only is pumpkin spice getting out of control, BUT we'll soon be seeing what people come up with for their Halloween costumes. Of course there will be a cascade of sexy angels, sexy cops, sexy donuts for the sexy cops, and so forth and so on. Basically anything that has ever existed, people can go and make "sexy," but that don't mean they should. Ain't nobody in need of a sexy Trump in this world.

Waldo & A Minion

If Waldo wasn't bad enough, the minion is making it that much worse. No one should ever be imagining themselves in a sexual situation with either of these entities. 


You know what's never been hot? That demonic doll with the foul mouth.

A Zombie

Only the necrophiliacs out there are loving this right now. Everyone else has some common sense in them.

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