Woman Sues SoulCycle After Impaling Her Leg And Gives Us A New Reason To Skip Spin Class

Woman Sues SoulCycle After Impaling Her Leg And Gives Us A New Reason To Skip Spin Class
Lulabelle Brightly via Getty

I always thought there was something a little creepy about the whole SoulCycle crowd. People just seemed way too excited to pretend to ride bikes to techno music. But after hearing this news story, there is no way I'll be stepping into a spin studio in the near future.

Donna Wood said she attended a SoulCycle class in Bevery Hills while she was on vacation with her husband. Well, that was her first mistake. Vacations are for sitting at a beach, sitting in a hotel, and drinking while you're sitting at either place. It is not the time for a stationary bike ride.

Anyway, everything was going fine. I'm sure she was climbing that hill and imagining whatever visual that could possibly make a woman want to stand up and peddle while someone screams at you. I always imagine I'm getting closer to the exit door to the studio, until I realize I got out of my bike a minute ago and I'm just literally leaving. 

According to Wood, she came off her bike and impaled her leg. What kind of nightmare bikes do they have at SoulCycle? Just random metal spikes next to the bikes to punish anyone who leaves early? 

Wood tried to call for help, but according to Jezebel, "the blaring workout music drowned out her screams." Okay, come on. That is legit nightmare stuff. If I saw that in a horror movie I'd be scared to look at a bike for years. And imagine everyone "in the zone" around you, too worried about letting their heart rate drop to help a person who's bleeding out on the floor.

Once she was finally free of the SoulCycle's claws, no one called an ambulance, so she took an Uber to the hospital and got 50 surgical staples. Now, Wood is suing for an undisclosed amount.

By all means, I hope she gets every penny she asked for. I want to sue every time I just walk into a spin class, let alone if one of the bikes tried to murder me.

So, take this as a warning everyone. Do not exercise on vacation. It could mean your doom!

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