Why You Should Feel Bad For This Man With A 19 Inch Penis

Why You Should Feel Bad For This Man With A 19 Inch Penis

Most men dream of having a large and in charge member down south, but for Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, his 19-inch penis has been a nightmare. At least that what he claims when he was locked up in the U.S., and had to deal with constant torment for being a bit too well endowed.

According to TMZ, Cabrera came over to the US illegally and got caught. On top of that he'd been convicted before in the states for forgery. So safe to say the law was not on his side. So he then had to serve some time down in Mississippi. Okay, whatever. Do the crime, pay the time - right? Yeah, well prison isn't glamorous, even TV makes it look entertaining when trying to make it look miserable. To make things worse for Cabrera, his time locked up was way worse than normal due to the guards, he claims, who were constantly on his case about the size of his penis.

Cabrera was locked up for seven years and during that time lodged many complaints saying the guards forced him to take pictures of his penis, and called him a freak and nicknamed him "Anaconda." He also noted that one of the female guards constantly looked at him, and the gay guard would grab him. We get it, 19-inches isn't something you see everyday. According to Medical News Today the average size when it's just hanging around is 3.5 to 3.9 inches, and 4.7 to 6.3 inches when ready to go. While that’s the case, that doesn't give people the right to treat another human like they are on American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Of course all of the guards in question deny Cabrera's claims, saying that it wasn't them who was acting in the wrong, but the prisoner. They said he'd masturbate and expose himself. It seems that in the end the law was never going to be on this guy's side because after he was released back in 2011, the lawsuit was dismissed and he was sent back to Mexico to live out his days. 

It's not all bad though. Since the original story broke, Cabrera was contacted by Vivid Entertainment (a porn company), and offered a job opportunity. It's murky on whether or not he took it, but no matter where he is in life, hopefully he's not being treated like a side show anymore.

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