United Airlines Violently Drags Doctor Off Overbooked Flight To Make Room For Employees

united passenger

This looks like something out of a scary movie...

A United Airlines flight forcibly removed a passenger for no reason other than an overbooking, and the entire horrific scene was caught on camera.

The flight in question was leaving Chicago for Louisville, Kentucky. Before the plane boarded, passengers were informed that the airline had overbooked, and that $400 and a free hotel room would be given to anyone willing to surrender their seat. Which is a pretty standard offer, BTW.

But no one bit. So, once the plane was fully boarded, the offer was raised to $800. It would later come out that the reason United was pushing so hard for someone to take the offer was because they wanted to get some of their own employees on the flight. That's pretty rare, huh?

Still, no one took the offer. Then a company manger got on board and said a computer was going to randomly pull people, who’d done absolutely nothing wrong and followed all the rules, off the plane. And that never, ever happens, BTW.

The first two people screwed over by the computer got off peacefully enough. The third, however, wasn’t having any of it. He was a doctor who claimed he needed to meet with patients the next morning, and as such refused to leave. He even got on the phone with his laywer.

It’s right about then that this turned into a scene from the Hunger Games, with security forces literally dragging an unwilling tribute out of his seat:

The man’s face was mildly injured in the incident. In case you don’t have the sound up, most everyone on the plane is crying out that this is absolute B.S.

The doctor was eventually allowed to re-board the plane. United gave a vanilla statement that apologized for the overbooking yet hardly mentioned the violent incident, but Twitter isn’t letting the airline off that easy:

Many are calling for a boycott of the airline. What do you think? Is there any plausible explanation for this violence?

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