Trump's Travel Expenses Reach $24 Million, It Took Obama 2 Years To Spend That Much

donald trump air force one

Nobody used to have a problem with Donald Trump spending money. He was a private billionaire, he could do what he wanted. But now that he’s President Donald trump—spending taxpayer’s money—everyone’s starting to get pissed off.

And it’s not just a little petty cash he’s blowing: our new President has spent as much on travel in 10 weeks as Obama did in 2 years.

It’s a toss up between what’s more infuriating: how much he’s spending, or what he’s spending it on.

Let’s look at the numbers first. Since he took office, Trump has spent $24 million on travel. Over that same time span, Obama spent about $2.5 million. Meaning Trump’s spending on himself 10x as heavily as Barack & Family.

But it’s where this money is going that has most onlookers blowing a gasket. In the 10 weeks he’s been President, Trump’s spent 7 weekends at Mar-a-Lago, his private golf estate in Florida. Each of those trips costs the country about $3 million dollars.

And if that’s not enough to make you mad, how about we point out this lovely bit of hypocrisy, courtesy of Twitter:

That was sent a year ago.

What’s more, all of this excess spending doesn’t include the increased security costs for his family. Obviously, every member of the every President’s family is carefully protected, but because Melania and son Barron are spending so much time in NYC, those costs are quickly skyrocketing compared to other First Families. Everyday the First Lady and her son are at the New York Trump Tower instead of the White House, it costs an estimated $130,000 to protect them.

And all of these numbers make Trump’s proposed budget cuts even more egregious. Widespread slashing of government departments should, according to the President’s team, save about $600 million. Which, coincidentally, is almost exactly how much Trump’s golf trips will end up costing Americans after 4 years.

Mad yet? You should be.

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