This Toddler Has Better Eyebrows Than Any Kardashian

This Toddler Has Better Eyebrows Than Any Kardashian
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Brows are always such a bitch. Maybe you get one perfect, then the other brow looks like a caterpillar crawled on your face right before dying.

Perfect brows are pretty much an unattainable goal that you can only get if you have brow team working around the clock to keep you on fleek, like the Kardashian crew.

Except for this 2-year-old girl.

Amalia Bass, a mom from Leicester, England, posted a picture of her young daughter Alisha-Lyn on Facebook and everyone was amazed.

The post went viral as people were in awe by this little girl's sickening brows.

Before you get worried, Amalia did not take her daughter for a brow wax. She insists that she's never waxed or plucked Alisha-Lyn's brows, she just used a little concealer.

Getting over 100 comments, most people complimented the child on her great brows, with most women saying "they're better than mine." That's exactly what we would say, cause her brows are straight up fire and we cannot compete.

Flattered that her daughter's look got compared to the Kardashians, Amalia gives credit to her Greek heritage for the families excellent eyebrows. By the way, the Mom also has great brows, cause of course she does.

The Sun

Since it's the internet, some people had to act like a-holes. People criticized Amalia for using make up on such a small child. The Sun reported that one mom said “Ask any responsible adult that isn’t a teen. This is just so wrong on so many levels and is not fun." Yeah, a girl playing with make-up could never be called fun.

Another Mom said, “And your two-year-old asking you to draw her some eyebrows on is just another sign of a generation gone wrong.” Sure, half the English adults voted to leave the EU, when they didn't even know what that meant, but good brows are really the sign of young people going bad.

Some moms came to Amalia's defense saying that it's all just fun and clearly the girl just wants to look like her Mommy. Amalia said that her children never wear makeup out, but they love playing around with it at home. She said to the Daily Mail, "When [Alisha] looks in the mirror when I do her make up for her she says 'Alisha bootiful' and I always tell her she's beautiful anyway without it."

We applaud both Amalia's great brow application technique and Amalia's model status at an age where she can barely walk, let alone stomp down a runway.

Do you let your girls play with make up? Do you think this is fun or bringing too much adult stuff into a little kid's life. Tell us in the comments (or share your kids sickening brows).

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