This Mesmerizing Blackhead Remover Literally Sucks Out Your Blackhead

This Mesmerizing Blackhead Remover Literally Sucks Out Your Blackhead

Over the recent Thanksgiving weekend, a video of a skin tool went viral with hundreds of Facebook users reposting in hopes to receive a free one. But it's the video of the tool itself that is mesmerizing viewers. 

The product shared by retail Facebook page European Fashion is a suction-based blackhead remover that literally sucks out the gunk in your face. A closeup shot shows the suction device pressed against a woman's nose and squeezing out puss, oil, dirt and blackheads. 

You can see the gunk collecting in the device and a closeup shot shows the puss literally extracting from her face.

Essentially, what the tool does is sucks out oil and grime that build to create blackheads so it prevents and removes them, leaving your skin smooth and soft. Users just hold the suction cup against their nose or face and press down, dragging slowly across to pick up the excess oil for a smoother complexion and smaller pores. 

Unfortunately the reviews for this particular one shows that the video is misleading and it lacks the serious suction needed. Numerous reviews on Amazon complained that after purchasing the tool proceeded to do literally nothing. 

But fret not, it is not the only tool like this. The ETTG Electric Facial Pores Cleanser Spots Suction Pore Cleaner is listed on Amazon with a much better review score from customers with a lot of information on how to us it to get the best results. 

A few users have even posted their own videos in the reviews section so you can see it working from real people. While it isn't quite as intense as this viral video, it still gets the job done and picks up a lot of the gunk that is hiding in your pores. 

One reviewer recommended using an extractor for white head pimples along with the electric suction cleanser for the best result in terms of pimples. It works with one AA battery, meaning it's portable so you can get the best angle on attacking those grimy pores.

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