This Is What Happens When You Let A Pimple Marinate For 30 Years

This Is What Happens When You Let A Pimple Marinate For 30 Years

You know the feeling, you get a new pimple and let it grow just a little bit before you feel like it's ready to explode. Each day your urge to pop it grows more and more until that one day comes where you just can't take it anymore and pop it yourself,  no matter what may come of it (scabs, scars, or just tons of puss). Well, what if you hadn't popped that pimple for decades? That's right, decades. One man found out just what it's like to marinate that pimple for thirty years!

Perhaps you've seen videos on Youtube or Instagram that have gone viral of people popping pimples or cysts that have been growing in their skin. The outcome is like a train wreck, so gruesome yet you just can't look away. These videos are oddly satisfying no matter how grotesque they may be. Here's a few from Dr. Pimple Popper, Sandra Lee, MD Dermatology, just to get you in the pimple popping mood. Some are short and sweet, and some are simply never ending. WARNING: these videos may be graphic to some, so only scroll down if you can take it!

Blackhead be gone!

Disgusted yet?

How about now?

Don't they all remind you of Play Doh hair that you used to play with as a kid?

And now for the grand is a viral video of a man from Kelowna, Canada who marinated his steak... I mean, cyst, for thirty years. Naturally, because that's what everyone does nowadays, it was recorded for the world's viewing pleasure, or displeasure. Enjoy!

For a quick recap, the video features someone squeezing out a 30-year-old cyst from a man's back. The commentary in the background of, "Oh my God, that's f*cking disgusting!" is probably your exact reaction.

As we are no doctors, our hope and best case scenario, is that the lump was a benign clump of fatty tissue. This would mean that there is no sign of cancer or further problems with the lump.

If you come across a large pimple, cyst, or lump, it is best that you see a doctor. Do not do this procedure on your own! Visit a dermatologist that can accurately and safely perform this procedure.

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