This is the One Move You Should Be Doing Before Every Workout

This is the One Move You Should Be Doing Before Every Workout

If you're into working out, sports, or are just starting on your path to a healthier self, it's always important to do a warmup before each workout. Before you test your body with any kind of workout, whether vigorous or easy, you must always get your muscles warm before any big movements or long workouts. A quick warmup will help you last longer, make your muscles work better, and most importantly, prevent you from injury.

For a warmup, it's recommended to maybe do a light jog, move around to get the muscles moving and awake, and added in a bit of a stretch. The one move that seems to cover all of those in one is a standing toe touch. This move will wake your muscles up with the kicking movement, stretch your legs, and get your heart rate up. With the steady movement of your kicks, this move will increase your flexibility and mobility in your hips, a common injury when jumping straight into running. 

While many people worldwide have sedentary jobs where they sit all day, and maybe sit in traffic for another couple hours, our legs and hip flexors become stiff and tight diminishing the mobility we should have, not to mention it can create an anterior pelvic tilt. A pelvic tilt can cause shortening of the muscles, which in return causes back pain, as well as pain and tightening in the hamstring which will be strenuous when you try to stretch it. This is why the standing toe touch is the perfect warmup move! Release that tension, give yourself mobility, and get fit!

And here's how you'll do it: Stand upright with your feet about shoulder width apart. Kick your right leg up in front of you to where it is perpendicular to the standing foot and parallel with the floor. With your opposite hand, reach out to touch your finger tips to your toes that is in the air in front of you. You can repeat the same leg for a number of reps and repeat on the opposite side to even it out, or simply make it a moving warmup where you travel a distance alternating your feet and hands with each step you take. 

You'll thank yourself later for adding this move to your warmup before you get to that big workout!

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