This Instagrammer Proves That Under-Eating Will NOT Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

This Instagrammer Proves That Under-Eating Will NOT Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

If you're the type of woman who watches her figure, and wants to be a lean, mean, strong woman machine, chances are you've dabbled in various ways to get there. Whether it be trying interval workouts, mindfulness or counting calories (and hint: not counting all that many!).In the first picture we see a lean, fit body with curves. Nice work! Then we look to the right and, woah! More definition in her collarbone, and a 4-pack to gawk at. Not to mention she looks so much happier! So, what takes someone from fit to... more fit? The picture below is a bit more telling. Let's just say it's all in the numbers (but no, not the kind on the scale).If we take a look at the next picture, we'll see exactly what the culprit of success is. In the first picture, she was fit, but also undernourished, consuming only 800 calories per day. In the second picture, she added 1k to her daily plates and ate 1800 instead. So... does this mean if you eat 1800 calories in donuts you'll be thinner than if you only had 800 calories worth of cake. Nah. There's a method to the fit madness. 

In a nutshell:

- Eat 50% carbs

- Eat 1800 calories daily

- Focus on macro nutrients, and whole foods

- Enjoy the added energy and be active!

In her own words, here's what the Instagrammer Madalin attributes to her shift to more fit:

"Let's just preface this by saying no, I did not have an ED. When I was eating 800 calories a day, I thought I was healthy. I was eating healthy food, but hardly any macronutrients. I was curious to find out what my macros were like before I actually started counting my macros, so I entered my old foods into @myfitnesspal to find out. I was quiet astonished to see how little protein and carbs I was eating. 800 calories seems absurdly low as now I need minimum 1500 calories to be full, but at the time 800 calories was keeping me full because that's what my body was used to. After a while though, salad simply wasn't cutting it, and for all the restrictions I was placing on my diet, I simply wasn't seeing the results I had anticipated. So I got in touch with a PT and nutritional coach and got my macros sorted. When he first told me to eat 50% carbs I nearly died! I was eating about 10% carbs before and could not fathom how 50% carbs would not make me fat. I also freaked out at all the calories. I've been keeping an excel spreadsheet and in the first week of being on macros my average calories for the week was a little over 1000. I remember how hard I struggled to actually eat the size of my meals. I would just put my lunch next to my desk and eat it over the course of 3 hours as I couldn't eat it in one sitting! Now my stomach can take way more and is much happier! In the second week I was averaging 1600 calories a day! It didn't take long for my body to catch up. A part of me may always have that mindset that relates not eating with weight loss and 'being good today'. Sometimes I may forget to eat lunch just because I got busy and for a second I will revert back to old thinking, and think ohh, I've done really well today and haven't eaten much at all. That's why I love tracking my macros. It will tell me 'Maddy, you need to eat more. Go eat 3 potatoes'. And I'll pat myself on the back for being healthy and doing really good today! If you're under feeding yourself in an effort to lose weight, don't do what I did for so long. Don't waste your time eating salad when you could be eating sweet potatoes and banana pancakes. Eat more and get fit. It actually works"


Madalin, I think you've taught us all a very important lesson about dieting and nutrition in general. Now let's all go get at those macros!

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