This DIY Unicorn Costume Looks Positively Magical!

This DIY Unicorn Costume Looks Positively Magical!

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.”

Wiser words have never been spoken. But unfortunately, on most days of the year, people tend to stare if you run around town wearing glitter and a horn.

That being said, October 31st is right around the corner, and this simple DIY unicorn costume is absolutely killing the game. Meaning now is your time to shine.

Dressing as a unicorn is not the most original idea out there. But when everyone else is running around as #basic witches or vampires or Trumps, you’re going to be a magical glittering equestrian dream.

This time last year, a UK-based company called Unicorn Lashes (great company name) posted this pic to Insta, which has since been pinned over 100,000 times. It is, then, the unofficial standard for Halloween unicorns:

It won’t break the bank, either. You’re going to need a white dress, a truckload of glitter, one horned headband (which you can get here), and some rainbow hair. Easy peezy, unicorn squeezy.

And while we certainly encourage you to go the full monty and dye your hair like the ROYGBIV badass you are, we understand that you have to return to the real world November first, and that a wig may be more practical. So check out these multicolored hairpieces that will more than make do as a substitute.

Boom. Now you’re ready to ride over a magic rainbow trailing a brilliant stream of glitter in your wake, and also finally make a move on the guy from the froyo shop you’ve had a crush on for months. Go get ‘em, unicorn.

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