Thinking About Getting A Boob Job, Here's Some Things You Should Know!

Thinking About Getting A Boob Job, Here's Some Things You Should Know!
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If you're considering making your bust a little bigger, you're not alone. Boob jobs are still the most requested type of plastic surgery and that probably won't change any time soon. There's nothing wrong with wanting to change your body, but make no mistake, a breast augmentation is a serious surgery. 

Any time you're thinking about a real medical procedure, just make sure you know all the facts before you say 'yes'. Here's a good one, make sure your physician is part of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If that got you intrigued, here more fun and important facts to help you decide whether to supersize your tah-tahs or not:

Things to Know Before Surgery

New boobs ain't cheap. It's going to cost you somewhere around $3,678. That's the average according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, so that means you could actually end up paying more. Also, if someone's offering some kind of 2-for-1 for $1000, it's probably not a good deal.

Another cost to consider is the fact that you'll have to have surgery more than once. Implants don't keep a perfect shape forever, plus weight loss, body changes and just aging can effect their look. It's not a guarantee that you'll have to go back, but you may want to put a bit aside for 10 years down the road so the ladies can stay perfectly perky.

If you want crazy porno boobs overnight, it's not happening. You can't go from an A to a DD in one surgery. It's too much. It over stretches the skin and is too drastic a change for the body to handle comfortably. That doesn't mean your DD dreams are dead, it'll just take a bit of time.

Lastly, know that the surgery may effect breast feeding and feeling in your nipples. A boob job isn't a guarantee that you won't be able to breast feed, but depending on the location of the incision, it may have an effect. Same with nipple sensation. So, if you're super psyched to breast feed or can't get enough nipple play, this surgery may not be for you.

Things to Discuss With Your Doctor

There's a lot more than just size to consider for your boob job. You have to choose if you want silicone or saline implants. Silicone is more natural looking and feeling, but leaks are harder to detect. Saline can show ripples under the skin, but is much safer if leaking occurs. Some people can take fat from other parts of their body and pop it in their boobs, though most people aren't eligible for this procedure. Which sucks cause turning your gut into boobs sounds pretty awesome.

Your doctor will recommend the placement of the incision for the surgery and can help guide you in regards to size. Make sure you're very clear with your physician about exactly what you want and expect, then take her counsel seriously. Just like with any other doctor, if something doesn't feel right with them, go elsewhere. There's lots of people who'll want to work on your boobs.

Things to Know for After Surgery

You don't bounce back immediately after the procedure. Most people need to take about 5 days off from work to recover and there'll still be lots of soreness after that. Also, you can't do any cardio or exercise that involves bouncing around your new tig ol' bitties for about 12 weeks. So, you need to have a little time off banked and you'll have a legit doctors note to avoid the gym, so that's a big time plus.

Lastly, you will feel different. Physically, larger boobs will effect your stance and posture. You could feel strain in the shoulders or back, just like all the busty girls you were jealous of have complained about. Plus, you'll probably get a different kind of attention. It can be jarring to have people suddenly think of you in a new way. Though having larger boobs doesn't mean every guy will catcall relentlessly, there may be a noticeable difference in how guys, and girls, treat you.

As long as you've taken time to really consider this procedure and you're sure it's something you want to do, there should be no shame in getting an augmentation. As long as you feel comfortable with your board certified doctor, have done some research and saved a bit of money, go for it! Have the jugs of your dreams! 

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