'Think Yourself Skinny'? This Woman Claims She Lost 5 Dress Sizes With Nothing But a Good Attitude

'Think Yourself Skinny'? This Woman Claims She Lost 5 Dress Sizes With Nothing But a Good Attitude
Chris Beaumont/Twitter

We’ve all seen some crazy diet schemes over the years, but this may just be the most unbelievable ever:

A Welsh photographer is claiming she’s dropped five dress sizes in 9 months after doing nothing but thinking. That’s it – just thinking.

38-year old Heather Jones first started putting on unwanted weight seven years ago, following the death of her longtime partner. She slipped into depression, and used food to comfort herself.

“I didn't get out of bed for about 12 months,” says Jones. “[My partner] was such an amazing, positive force in my life that I didn't know how to go on.”

Eventually though, she decided to make a change. Jones discovered something called the Emotional Freedom Technique. Borrowing heavily from alternative medicine, the system releases blockages within one’s energy system, blockages that cause emotional discomfort. It’s like acupuncture without the needles. You just ‘think’ positively and tap yourself with your fingers. Uh huh...

In Jones’ case, these techniques were used to help control her overeating. “I started working with my subconscious and telling myself to care for my body.”

So whenever she had a craving, Jones says, “I'd think, ‘even though I want this drink or this chocolate biscuit, I do also love myself,’ and then tap certain areas of my body to calm my brain.”

The weight started to fall off, and 9 months later she’s thrilled with her figure – though she hasn’t weighed herself since her transformation began. Which may make it slightly more difficult to sell her new diet program, ‘The Brain Trainer’, which claims it can help you think yourself thin, too.

“People say, ‘Heather you’re glowing, you look amazing.” But what do you think – is it possible to simply think yourself into losing weight, or is this all a ploy to sell new her new diet plan?

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