These Identical Twins Who Share The Same Bed Now Want To Marry The Same Man!

These Identical Twins Who Share The Same Bed Now Want To Marry The Same Man!
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As if being the world's most identical twins isn't bizarre enough, these sisters who share the same bed also plan to share the same husband! 

Anna and Lucy Decinque from Perth, Australia, already made headlines around the world when they revealed that they slept in the same bed, shower together, and never spent a moment apart. They're also open about sharing one more thing - A BOYFRIEND.

In a YouTube video, the pair announced their plans of marrying their mutual boyfriend, Ben Byrne. They met him on Facebook five years ago and now they intend to wed.

"We’ve been with him for five years so he’s twinning and winning… We do want to marry the same man and his name is Ben," the twins excitedly shared.

"Many debate. Is it possible? Can it work? I don't really know. But we've actually heard in Tucson [in the United States] you can get married."

Polygamy is illegal in Australia, so the trio is planning to travel to Arizona to exchange their vows. Polygamy is still banned there, but no one receives punishment, so it's the perfect place for this unusual wedding. It won't be legal, oh no. Polygamous marriages in Arizona are spiritual unions rather than legal ones. 

While the whole thing isn't completely set in stone, the sisters are already working out the difficulties they might have to face. 

"He needs to get double of everything – two rings… And what wedding dress do you want to get?", the two wondered.

The famous twins, born just two minutes apart, have reportedly spent $250,000 on plastic surgery to ensure that they look exactly the same. The list of enhancements they went through include breast implants, fake eyebrows and eyelashes, and lip fillers.

Anna and Lucy's lifestyle choice will raise a few eyebrows for sure, but the two are pretty nonchalant about it. 

"I think it's beautiful, it's not weird to us, it never will be and we're happy. We're not hurting anyone," they said.

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