These Are The Most Swiped Names on Tinder in 2016

These Are The Most Swiped Names on Tinder in 2016
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If your name happens to be Lucas or Hannah, then congratulations, you had a bigger Tinder success rate this year than the rest of us. 

Everyone's favorite dating app released a list of the most right-swiped names in the U.S. in 2016. They also shared a roundup of the most-swiped names among users in 15 more countries they operate in, specifically Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, India, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

While someone's name isn't a huge factor when it comes to online dating, the results are still quite fascinating. It's just interesting to know that some people are lucky enough to have a name that is more inclined for a right swipe!

Take a peek at the most right-swiped names of 2016. And don't forget to thank your parents if you made the list!

  1. Female: Hannah, Male: Lucas

Hannah Simone

Lucas Till

  1. Female: Emma, Male: Ryan

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling

  1. Female: Lauren, Male: Matthew

Lauren Graham

Matthew Perry

  1. Female: Julia, Male: Nick

Julia Roberts

Nick Jonas

  1. Female: Emily, Male: Josh

Emily Ratajkowski

Josh Hutcherson

  1. Female: Rachel, Male, Brandon
  2. Female: Samantha, Male: Justin
  3. Female: Katie, Male: Ben
  4. Female: Anna, Male: Adam
  5. Female: Sara, Male: Andrew

As for the other countries..

  • ARGENTINA: Female: Valen, Male: Bautista 
  • AUSTRALIA: Female: Samantha, Male: Chris 
  • BRAZIL: Female: Tainá, Male: Felipe 
  • CHILE: Female: Antonia, Male: Benjamin 
  • COLOMBIA: Female: Laura, Male: Sebastián 
  • FRANCE: Female: Alizé, Male: Thomas 
  • GERMANY: Female: Laura, Male: Patrick 
  • GREAT BRITAIN: Female: Amelia, Male: Harry 
  • INDIA: Female: Aanchal, Male: Lalit 
  • KOREA: Female: Bora, Male: Jihoon 
  • MEXICO: Female: Ana, Male: Carlos 
  • POLAND: Female: Pamela, Male: Olaf 
  • RUSSIA: Female: Sofia, Male: Makar 
  • SPAIN: Female: Rebeca, Male: Álex 
  • SWEDEN: Female: Vilma, Male: Herman

We want to go to Argentina and find us a Bautista!

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