There's Now Chapstick For Your Lips...Your Downstairs Lips!

There's Now Chapstick For Your Lips...Your Downstairs Lips!
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Oh boy, this dry weather sure does chap my lips. No, not my face lips, my labia! If only there were a vaginal chapstick I could use!

Well, thank my lucky stars the maniacs at VMagic came up with that very thing. A chapstick for your vagina!

Their tagline is: "Because your other lips get chapped too!" Do they, VMagic? Do they? 

The website says to use VMagic before and after daily activities or whenever you're having a chapping issue. If you're using that stuff before and after all activities, you're going to be running through chapstick like candy at a fat camp. 

VMagic is all natural and made to moisturize your downstairs smile. It's only $17.99 and you can subscribe and save, so you'll get your VMagic every month. And it would be pretty embarrassing to run out of vagina chapstick, right?

Here's the thing. This is not meant to be used as lube or to fix any issues of vaginal dryness, which is very common. In fact, they say to use this product externally only. So, that really does mean just use it on your lips, not in your vagina. I know I said vagina earlier, but vagina's just a much funnier word than labia.

Now, I'm not a doctor or a vulva expert, but if your lips are getting super dry, there's probably a real problem there. Like you should go to a doctor to make sure it's not some kind of infection or sign of something worse going on. 

So, before you jump on the VMagic bandwagon, you might want to wait a bit. The last big vag-trend was Gwyneth Paltrow's jade egg up the poon business and that turned out to be a truly horrible idea. 

Until there's better evidence, it's probably good to avoid putting any weird things all over your labia. 

Lastly, your vag is fine! Everybody loves selling products to make you smell better, look better, feel better. You don't need it. Now, I'm not saying if you have a yeast infection let it ride. If you do experience real vaginal dryness, by all means ask a doctor. 

But anything else, don't worry. Guys really don't give a shit what your vagina is like. They're just happy to be so close to a willing vag. 

Remember: Your vagina doesn't need magic, it's already a magical place.

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