The Internet Can't Stop Sharing This Cartoon About Trump's 'Muslim Ban'

The Internet Can't Stop Sharing This Cartoon About Trump's 'Muslim Ban'
Sam Machado via Twitter

Trump's irrational executive orders have everyone in a panic. However, when he signed the #MuslimBan, Mrs. Checks-N-Balances got in the way to declare the ban unconstitutional. 

This message particularly resonated with Cuban-American artist Sam Machado and his wife Sousa Machado, who recently launched a weekly web comic together.

“We started doing political cartoons earlier this year because we had a lot to say with recent developments in politics,” Sousa Machado told BuzzFeed News. “I figured it would be a good outlet.”

The duo wanted to make political statement through their art. 

“We wanted people to see things were not OK, that other people felt the same way they did,” she said. “I don’t have the ability to go to Washington and march — so this is our march.”

“I told my husband and he said, ‘We gotta wait for the right moment,’” she said. “And so we waited, and yesterday when we heard what happened with the appeals he said, ‘Go for it.’”

“So, I rushed to my iPad and gleefully started drawing,” she said.

Machado's illustration features a personified Lady Liberty and Checks and Balances doing everything they can to stop Trump from ruining their country:

“I think too many people have been posting pictures of Lady Liberty getting dragged through the mud, and I thought somebody should stand up for her,” she said.

No matter what Trump tries to do, checks and balances will always be there to stop him.

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