The Chilling 911 Calls From The Cleveland "Facebook Live" Shooting Have Been Released

Steve Stephens Facebook Live Killer
Facebook / Steve Stephens

While the entire country is still looking for the "Cleveland Facebook Killer" Steve Stephens, more chilling details have emerged.

Stephens victim, 74-year-old Robert Godwin, was shot and killed in a residential area of Cleveland (A.K.A. most of Cleveland), so it shouldn't come as a shock that his neighbors were scared after the shooting took place. 

The petrifying 911 calls were just released and they're absolutely terrifying. They make you realize that this easily could've been in your neighborhood. This could've been your grandpa, your brother, your neighbor, or your friend.

Listen to the calls below:

"He's not conscious. He's dead!," shouted a man on the phone. You can also hear a crowd gathering around the crime scene as the operator questions them. 

"He’s dead. He’s lying there. Lord have mercy. Oh, my God," said another woman to the operator. 

Cleveland Police (as well as police in neighboring states) are still looking for Steve Stephens. If you have a tip, call 911. 

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