The 420 Nail Trend We Never Saw Coming

The 420 Nail Trend We Never Saw Coming

2016 brought us succulent nails, furry nails, and pom pom nails, but there’s a loud new trend that’s taken their place as the weirdest yet.  

When you hear "weed" nails, something like this comes to mind, right?

Same here, until recently, when we learned of 2017's chillest new arrival: a manicure that involves pressing actual weed leaves into the polish to create a textured look that'll tell the world you heart smoking in a much cuter way than a pair of weed socks will.

The fresh new trend has been seen all over Instagram lately, and the interpretations span from "so subtle you could walk through airport security with them" to the manicure version of this video:

This look features the leaves front and center, creating a Mary Jane mosaic by placing them on a clear background...

...while this one takes a more subtle approach to the trend, choosing to save some bud for later and using just one nail as the weed nail. 

This marijuana mani takes the trend super literally...

...while this take on the trend is so subtle, it's almost office-friendly!

We're glad to live in a world where people are innovative enough to condense pretty much anything they love into a cute manicure. If you're daring enough to try this, we salute you.

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