Ryan Gosling Has A Hilarious Reaction To Making Harry Styles' Heart Race

Ryan Gosling and Harry Styles
Getty Images

Let's talk about Harry Styles. His songs make us swoon, and his recent performance in his film debut had our jaws hitting the floor. And not to mention, his alluring face constantly gives us premature ventricular contractions. Given all these things, it makes you wonder what makes the 23-year-old star's heart race. The answer is simple. It's none other than Ryan Gosling (and okay, Chelsea boots, but that's another story).

During the promo run of Dunkirk, Styles appeared on BBC Radio 1's  The Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw for a quick interview and to play a game called the "Heart Monitor Challenge". The singer was hooked to a heart monitor and shown images to see which ones would get his heart racing. Upon seeing a photo of a shirtless Gosling from an iconic scene from The Notebook, Harry's heart rate shot up to 80-beats per minute, and honestly, we could ALL relate.

Fast forward to the recent Comic-Con in San Diego, the La La Land star got wind of Styles' Gosling-induced heart pounding. The actor was flattered by the news and responded in the best way.

“I’m more concerned he might have a heart condition,” Gosling told Extra. “It’s less about me and more about something more serious. My prayers are with him and I hope he has a safe and swift recovery. ”

Ha! We're pretty sure Harry's heart is just fine, Ryan.

In yet another interview, Styles explained his reaction at the radio show. "I think it was a faulty heart monitor. I don't think it was medically accurate." But still, he admitted, "[Gosling] is a handsome man. I'm not ashamed."

Could the Gosling/Styles duo beat the Gosling/Culkin bromance? We certainly hope so!

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