This Makeup Company Wants You To Put Highlighter On Your Hoo-Ha And We Have SO Many Questions

vulva highlighter ad
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In the grand scheme of beauty products, applying highlighter is pretty fool-proof: Add a dusting of it to your cheekbones, a touch to the bridge of your nose, maybe a dot or two to the inside corner of your eyes and your Cupid's bow (if you're feeling REAL fancy), and voila — you're a dewy, glistening goddess with hardly any effort at all.

Now, what would you say if we told you a makeup company wanted to add one more body part to your highlighting routine? Say... your vulva?

As Refinery29 reported, a Scandinavian beauty brand called The Perfect V is selling a new cream highlighter that's specifically designed to be applied to your "V" — "that small triangle we wax, shave, laser, sugar, trim, dye even, and then leave until the next time."

So... your lady parts.

(Just the thought of this is giving us a yeast infection, TBH.)

Surprisingly, this is NOT a viral prank or marketing scheme: According to its website, the SHADES OF V™ - Very V Luminizer not only adds some "extra prettiness" to your genitalia with a "luminous glow," but also "renews and improves the skin" for a youthful look and "minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections."

Naturally, women on Twitter have a LOT of feelings about this concept:

Love it or loathe it, the real question is whether or not this so-called "luxury" product is actually worth its $43/50ml price tag.

Testing it on a real, live vulva is probably job best left to PornHub, but you can see the product ~in action~ on a model's bikini line in this shot from Miami Swim Week 2017:

Between this, Jeffree Star's recent penis-contouring confession, and the vagina sheet masks mini-controversy from last fall, the makeup industry is truly doing The Most these days.

What on EARTH will they think of next?

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