Obama Was Too Busy Celebrating Women’s Day To Be Bothered By Trump’s Wiretapping Claims

Obama Was Too Busy Celebrating Women’s Day To Be Bothered By Trump’s Wiretapping Claims
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While President Donald Trump has been trying to pick petty Twitter fights with his predecessor, Barack Obama isn't letting No. 45 distract him from the real issues.

Obama merely "rolled his eyes" when he heard about Trump's unfounded allegations that Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign, according to NBC News.

An unnamed source close to the ex-commander in chief told NBC that Obama believes Trump's claims will "undermine the integrity of the office of the President" but not his own integrity, because "he didn't do it."

CNN, citing other anonymous sources familiar with Obama, reported that Obama was "irked and exasperated" but "stopped short of outright fury" when he heard about the accusations.

Obama—who hasn't spoken with Trump since the inauguration, according to NBC's source —"is much more concerned by President Trump kicking people off their health insurance, not staffing the government, not being prepared for a crisis, rolling back regulations so that corporations can pollute the air and water, and letting mentally unstable people buy guns with no problems whatsoever."

Based on Obama's latest tweet, he's also far too busy commending women who are embracing "(their) power to drive change."

In honor of International Women's Day, Obama tweeted out a link to a letter he and his wife, Michelle, received back in January.

"When Michelle and I came back from vacation, we found this note from a woman named Sindhu waiting for us," Obama wrote on Wednesday via Medium. "I’m proud of Michelle for the difference she made in this young woman’s life, and I’m inspired by Sindhu’s story  —  so I thought I’d share it with you today."

In her letter, 38-year-old Sindhu told the Obamas about a life-changing speech she witnessed Michelle give in 1996.

You can read Sindhu's moving letter in its entirety here. (In the words of Obama himself: "Read to the end — you won’t regret it.")

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