Now That You're Boycotting Ivanka's Line, Give Ashley Biden's US Made Hoodie Line a Try

Now That You're Boycotting Ivanka's Line, Give Ashley Biden's US Made Hoodie Line a Try

Let's say you've been dying to do a little clothes shopping.

Obviously, Ivanka Trump's stuff is out because Trump is human garbage, so supporting her means supporting her father's crazy, racist schemes. That might sound a little bit harsh, but hey, I'm not the one who wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country.

If you're looking to support a political family that doesn't contribute towards evil, you're in luck. Joe Biden's daughter Ashley just launched a new line of clothing.

This isn't just some vanity line with clothes straight out of sweatshops with a Biden stamp on them. No, Ashley actually cares about how the clothes are made and hopes that her business can help make a difference in under served communities. 

Ashley's clothes are all made in America. Wow, someone familiar with the White House who's bringing jobs back to our soil? And actually doing it? What an idea!

Biden's line is exclusively hoodies. First of all, that's a great idea since I would exclusively wear hoodies if I had my way. Secondly, they come in a huge range of colors and look out of control comfortable. She calls the line "Livelihood" and it's on sale through Gilt now.

Though it may seem impossible, this clothing line gets even better. Instead of pocketing 100% of the profits a good portion of the profits will go to under served communities. Instead of just handing out cash to random charities, Ashley will fund community boards and the people of the communities will be able to decide how to use the money best.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Ashley said “I want a janitor, a school teacher, the local pastor, whomever is involved in the community to sit at the table and to pick the projects for economic development.”

What an amazing idea! How often does money from the government or charities go wasted because it goes to the wrong things. Somebody a thousand miles away can't perfectly know what any community needs and this gives those areas a chance to work together and get a little help to better the lives of their citizens.

If you need a new hoodie (which let's be honest, you do), check out Livelihood. You'll help yourself stay comfy, help various communities, and help Trump look like even more of a douche when the ex-Vice President's daughter outsells his own.

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