Never-Before-Seen Marilyn Monroe Pregnancy Photos Surface, 50 Years After Her Death

Never-Before-Seen Marilyn Monroe Pregnancy Photos Surface, 50 Years After Her Death
Daily Mail/Tony Michaels/MEGA

One of history’s most famous starlets is still creating drama, decades after her death.

Photos of Marilyn Monroe have just surfaced, allegedly showing her pregnancy by her co-star in the film Lets Make Love.

This pregnancy was never made public; all the information we have is by three degrees of separation from a man named Tony Michaels.

DailyMail/Tony Michaels/MEGA

The story goes, a good friend of Monroe was allowed to take these photos sometime in 1960. It was the only time her baby bump was snapped.

Daily Mail/Tony Michaels/MEGA

Obviously the child was never born. All that’s known is that Monroe lost it during a hospital visit; whether that was by miscarriage or abortion is unclear. But it is a well-known fact that the actress always wanted children, and failed to carry to term at least three times (not including this incident).

Even more scandalous is the manner in which the pregnancy occurred. The child was reportedly, without a doubt, inseminated by Yves Montand, a married actor she carried out an affair with while they were shooting together.

Now, all this information and all these photos come from Frieda Hull, a very close friend of Monroe’s. In all she had hundreds of photos and mementos from the actress’ life – locks of hair, autographs, home movies, etc.

Hull held onto all these possessions until her death in 2014. They were subsequently auctioned off over 3 days, some going for outrageous sums (two locks of hair for over $72,000) and others for relatively small sums. The pregnancy photos were in the latter category.

Daily Mail/Tony Michaels/MEGA

Michaels, mentioned above, was the man who bought the photos at auction. He was a long time friend of Hull’s and knew the story of the pictures. 

As it happens, because there's no real way to confirm the information, the auctioneers decided against mentioning the potential pregnancy during the auction. Thus this particular collection of slides didn’t sell for more than $3,000. Michaels knew their true value, however, and pounced.

All the information we have comes from Michaels, then, through way of Hull and in turn Marilyn. And the only reason no one’s heard or seen of these materials before was Hull’s sense of privacy.

Meaning Monroe’s been dead over 50 years, and we’re still just now learning her secrets.

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