Creep Who Tried To Bust Into Kylie Jenner's Home Just Confessed To Murder

kylie jenner fan confesses to murder
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There are crazed Kylie Jenner fans, and then there's this guy.

TMZ reports that Marvin Magallanes, a 25-year-old man who's tried to get onto Jenner's property multiple times within the past few years, just walked into a police station and confessed to MURDER.

Magallanes reportedly turned himself in to Anaheim, California police and admitted to fatally stabbing a 49-year-old homeless man in January. 

"He walked into the front counter here at the Anaheim police department, reported to the front counter staff that he had come to confess to the commission of a murder," Sgt. Daron Wyatt told ABC 7.

Police also used forensic evidence to link Magallanes to the murder of another homeless man which took place in October 2016 and has gone unsolved until now.

"We knew that the same suspect was responsible for both murders but at that time, we had not identified the suspect," Wyatt said. "Through his confession, we were ultimately able to book him for both murders."

Magallanes has been arrested twice for trying to get in touch with the 19-year-old makeup maven, and even tried to drive his car through her security gate last June (he was sentenced to ten days in jail and a year of probation in that incident, according to E! News).

Kylie probably feels a LOT safer knowing this guy's finally in custody. 

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