Mama June Shows Off Stunning Weight Loss In A Form-Fitting Wedding Dress

Mama June Shows Off Stunning Weight Loss In A Form-Fitting Wedding Dress

She’s sexy and she knows it!

Mama June just showed off her fabulous weight loss by slipping into a lovely little wedding gown, and she absolutely slayed it!

It’s been an open secret for a while now, as June’s massive weight loss will be the subject of her new TV series, Mama June: From Not to Hot. So we all knew she’d shed some pounds, but no one knew just how much until recently.

The reality star underwent gastric sleeve and skin removal surgeries. Those operations, in tandem with a strict diet and exercise, have helped June drop from 460 pounds to a reported size 4.

And now we’re getting our first proper peek at her new look. In a promo for the show’s next episode, Mama June is out with Alana and Lauryn (or as they’re better known, Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin) to try on flower girl dresses.

The two girls quickly start pressuring Mama June to try on a dress, but she’s hesitant: they’re at the store to prepare for the Boo Boo’s father’s wedding, and June thinks his new fiancée would be none-to-pleased if she walked in on June stealing the spotlight.

But luckily for you and I, that doesn’t stop her. She puts on a size 12 that shows off her new figure, and you can tell she loved every second of it.

“I mean I’m not getting married any time soon, but I’m kind of curious how I’m gonna look in the wedding dress,” confides June. And when she see’s herself?

“I may not wanna be getting married, but damn, I look mighty hot in a wedding dress!”

You can see the clip below:

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