Shut Up Haters: Jennifer Lawrence Refuses To Apologize For Leaked Strip Club Video

jennifer lawrence

Once again, J-Law proves why she’s the coolest.

Jennifer Lawrence finally commented on a leaked video of her dancing at a strip club, and her response could not be more perfect.

So here’s what happened: Jenn was at a birthday party at the Beverly Hills Club in Austria, where she’s shooting her new movie. And instead of simply watching the “show” she decided to get involved. A nearly 2-minute long video of her performance leaked online a few days ago. You can watch it here, but really, there’s not all that much to see – no T&A, nothing all that scandalous. Just a 27-year old girl have a good time.

Which is exactly what J-Law said in this spot-on response she posted to Facebook:

Jennifer Lawrence/Facebook

How is this perfect? Let us count the ways:

-We’ve all done it, as she points out (don't worry, your mom doesn't need to know)

-She’s an international celebrity and is just trying to have some fun.

-She capitalized BLAST, which somehow makes it better.

-Points out that you peasants don’t even understand fashion.

-And she's confident about her pole dancing skills... regardless of what the tape shows.


So it’s time for the haters to officially shut up and sign-up for some classes themselves – it might even help remove the sticks up their butts.

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